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Caffe Silipo Coffee Supplies 
3/54 Bailey Crescent,,
Queensland 4215 
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69 59779934 
postal: , , Australia.
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Silipo Coffee is a Gold Coast based business established in 2006.


Silipo Coffee supplies fresh roasted coffee Australia wide with the most fastidious of coffee consumers in mind.

Richard Silipo, the founder of Silipo Coffee, has been involved in the coffee industry since 1994. Richard noticed that there was a need for a coffee supplier that not only retailed coffee beans but was able to meet a customers needs. This all started with his own family being able to buy coffee for their home or office machines, but with no follow through with any service or help using their machines. With this in mind Richard Silipo started sampling coffee roasts from roasters around Australia.

Caffe Silipo is dedicated to bettering the coffee industry in every way possible. One of these ways is to ensure future Barista’s are getting the first step into the industry right. We can get you started right but you will need to practice and keep learning to truly become a successful Barista. Below are the courses we offer please feel free to contact us any time to book into the course you would like to participate in. We look forward to training you in the future.

We have courses which suit every need and want. We have designed our system to make it as simple as starting with an introductory course and following your training right through until you are a fully qualified to be a Barista. There are Four courses to which we can get you up and running to start working within the hospitality industry. These are Silipo Accreditation Courses.

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