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713 Boatharbour Road,
New South Wales 2480 
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postal: 713 Boatharbour Road, ELTHAM, New South Wales 2480 Australia.
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Pecan trees are native to the southern states of America. They are an extremely long-lived tree. There are pecan trees in Texas well over 100 years of age and still producing a good yield of nuts every year. We planted our pecan orchard in 1995, and they are now producing delicious and healthy nuts. They are fed regularly with compost products such as worm juice and worm castings. We use no pesticides. There are many varieties of pecans, a lot of them named after native American Indian tribes. We planted Mohawks, Apaches, Shoshonis and Western Schleys.

Pecan nuts are high in the healthy monounsaturated fat, and recent medical studies have shown that a handful of nuts such as pecans every day is beneficial to your overall health.

The Northern Rivers Region of NSW is ideally suited for growing the premium arabica coffee variety.

As coffee ripens you can see berries of various colours on the coffee bush. When the coffee is ready for harvest it is a beautiful burgundy colour. At Eltham we pick our coffee between April and November each year.

After picking, the red outer skin is removed from the bean (pulping). The bean is then soaked in an enzyme overnight to remove the mucillagenous coating. Our beans are then dried in the sun for two - three weeks. Once dry they are known as “parchment”.

After at least four months as parchment, the coffee beans have the outer layer removed. They are then known as “dried green bean” – one of the most traded commodities in the world.

The dried green bean is roasted to become the familiar basis for the delicious beverage we all enjoy. You can receive beautiful freshly roasted Eltham Valley coffee on a regular basis through our subscription service.

Our coffee is pesticide free unlike many imported beans which are fumigated on importation to Australia.

The Eltham Valley Pantry is nestled in the picturesque Eltham Valley. It is approximately half way between Lismore and Byron Bay in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Our farm is open to visitors on the following days:
Wed,Thu,Fri   10.00am until 3.00pm
Sat,Sun   9.00am until 4.00pm

Visitors will enjoy quality farmhouse cooking and tranquility in a beautiful location and be able to purchase freshly processed pecans and coffee at farm gate prices.

For those who would like to know more about what happens on a working pecan and coffee farm, formal tours are conducted from Wednesday to Friday. Tours commence at 10.15am (Morning Tea Tour - $15) and 12.15pm (Lunch Tour - $25).

The tour will comprise the following :

  1. Guided tour of the pecan farming operation.
  2. Viewing of the operation of the pecan processing line and sampling of freshly shelled pecans.
  3. Viewing of different stages in coffee growing, processing and roasting.
  4. Choice of home made cake or dessert (Morning Tea Tour only)
  5. Lunch comprising the Eltham Farmhouse Plate (a gourmet selection of meats, cheeses, breads and salads – Lunch Tour only)
  6. Participants choice of Eltham Valley Coffee, tea (tea leaf) or soft drink.
  7. Complimentary 75g souvenir pecan snack box.

Bookings are recommended for the tour and are mandatory for groups of more than six people. Bookings may be made at any time on 02 6629 1418.

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