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Two Wheeler Creek Wines

The vineyard, the most westerly on Kangaroo Island is subject to a strong marine influence from the Southern Ocean, with mild summers, moderate rainfall and at times strong winds.


Of recent years the rainfall weather pattern has been more unpredictable.


The yields are typically low and being some of the latest to ripen on the Island produces some unique cool climate fruit characteristics.


The vineyard has traditional varieties with cabernet sauvignon and shiraz reds being planted in 1999 and the chardonnay and sauvignon blanc whites planted in 2003.


There are approximately 1.6 Ha (4 ac) of cabernet, 3.2 Ha (8 ac ) of shiraz, 1.8 Ha (4.5 ac) of chardonnay and 1.4 Ha (3.5 ac) of sauvignon blanc.

In the early days there was some hand picking.


However there is such difficulty on the Island to obtain sufficient numbers of reliable pickers that all grapes including the whites are now machine harvested - always at night and sent to the mainland in tonne bins for processing.


There have been some very tasty reds but all medium bodied due to the character of the fruit in this climate.


Due to these essentially cool climate conditions in the vineyard there have been some excellent whites, the sauvignon blanc in particular.


This has been favourably compared with some top quality New Zealand sauvignon blancs.


To extend the range there is a red blend and a sparkling cabernet/shiraz and sparkling chardonnay produced. At present this is the only Kangaroo Island sparkling white.


All wines are proving to be very popular at the Cellar Door, in the Marron Café, in Kangaroo Island liquor outlets and mail order all around Australia. Mainland outlets may become available in due course.

Andermel also has a lemon myrtle liqueur made exclusively for it under the Two Wheeler Creek label from the native herb ( bush tucker ) plant grown on the farm.


This has an enticing lemon flavour and adds a point of difference and is excellent as a stand alone liqueur or even on sweets such as ice cream – delicious. It is similar to Limoncello but at 28% alcohol a little stronger.


Cellar Door

This is located in the marron shed and provides the ideal opportunity for visitors to come and view the marron close up and learn a little of their life cycle before moving on to the wine tasting.


Invariably there are questions about marron that arise and these can readily be discussed with staff over the bar as they sample some or most of the wines.


The staff provide as much information as possible on the wines to help guide tastings.


Many visitors really like to select a wine they would like with lunch in the Café, but tastings also lead to bottle sales at the cellar door.


Wine can be taken away or it can be shipped very cost effectively to anywhere in Australia via Australia Post. The Two Wheeler Bush Tucker sauces are also sold here or in the Café.

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